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Starswirl makes its return to the convention circuit at this year’s Crystal Fair in St. Louis! You can expect a new demo and not one, but two panels.

Panel One: Starswirl Academy - Developer Roundtable

Check out what’s new at Starswirl Academy, the visual novel from Zap Apple Project. This is a chance to talk with the developers, discuss the game, ask questions, and give valuable feedback!

Panel Two: Game Development Within Fandoms

Join members of both “Starswirl Academy” and “It’s Always Sunny in Dark Skyes” for a chat about developing games and dealing with copyright and trademark.

Crystal Fair

Yes indeed! I shall be there with lots of interesting things pertaining to It’s Always Sunny in Dark Skyes. Including a reveal trailer, and an exclusive Bambi Demo only playable at the Crystal Fair, with the final Demo to be released after the con.



the only thing that keeps me from constantly recommending the best friends and blindly loving them is that they are still huge fans of kojima after the whole ground zeroes thing and kind of treat it as a joke sometimes

its just


but they’re better than most everyone else in the youtube business so what’re you gonna do

Yeah, I really wish Kojima hadn’t made that really good game with tons of replay value.

Im still playing it to this day and testing myself, trying new things and striving to be better at the game in preparation for Phantom Pain.

This hurts me inside.

1. Final Fantasy I

2. Final Fantasy II

3. Final Fantasy III

4. Final Fantasy IV

5. Final Fantasy V

6. Final Fantasy VI

7. Final Fantasy VII

8. Final Fantasy VIII

9. Final Fantasy IX

10. Final Fantasy X

11. Final Fantasy XI

12. Final Fantasy XII

13. Final Fantasy XIII (a.k.a. Hallway Simulator)

14. Final Fantasy XIV

15. Final Fantasy XV(Not yet released but announced)

16. Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

17. Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

18. Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

19. Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode -Final Fantasy VII-

20. Final Fantasy VII: Snowboarding

21. Final Fantasy VII G Bike

22. Final Fantasy X-2

23. Dissidia Final Fantasy

24. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

25. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

26. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

27. Final Fantasy Tactics

28. Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced

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You gotta love dialogues in porn.

This is the guy who directed and co-wrote Guardians of the Galaxy, guys.

Wait i thought a woman directed Guardians?

Nicole Perlman came up with the idea of making a GotG movie and wrote the first version of the screenplay — Gunn directed and worked on the screenplay after the fact.

He also wrote Lollipop Chainsaw and worked along Suda51

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